Plan Your Visit

You can find us in the Houston Center for the Arts building, a really great historic space on Allen Parkway near Waugh Drive. We share the building with the Houston Arts Alliance and the Bayou Preservation Association.

Our official address is:

3201 Allen Parkway
Houston, TX 77019

And that’s a little confusing, because the theatre/box office entrance is actually on Rosine Street. So check out this map before you head our way! (and if you’re trying to find us with GPS or your own mapping service, try using 600 Rosine St. as the address).

FREE PERFORMANCE PARKING for Stages ticket-holders is available in the Houston Center for the Arts parking lot on the south side of the building on D’Amico Street (in blue on the map above). During business hours parking in this lot is $2 per car. This lot is owned and operated by the City of Houston Convention and Entertainment Department, and is the only official designated parking for Stages Repertory Theatre.

Please note the parking lot on Rosine Street directly across from the main entrance to the theater is privately owned and is in no way affiliated with Stages, the Houston Center for the Arts, or the City of Houston.

We’ve marked some of our favorite local spots on the map above! And please don’t hesitate to ask our friendly sales team for their personal recommendations.

The short answer is whatever you’re comfortable being seen wearing in public. Business casual is always a safe bet, but folks show up in everything from jeans to ball gowns to crazy wigs, and we’re happy to see you regardless (as long as you’ve got the essential bases covered, if you know what we mean).

Handy Tip – Many patrons find the temperature in our theaters to be fairly cool. Please consider dressing in layers or bringing a sweater or wrap.

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