We’re more than just a pretty play!

Stages also offers a range of community and education programs that encourage conversation about important ideas and issues, provide insight into other cultures and viewpoints, and help develop each new generation of citizens, artists and audiences.


Yeah, yeah, we know we usually ask you to keep the noise down during the play itself. But you know what we LOVE to hear? A huge rush of chatter as soon as the lights come up. People pouring out into the lobby talking about what they loved, what they hated, what moved them, what made them laugh, what they learned. From our Surround programs that add depth and context to the experience of selected plays, to our regular audience Q&A discussions the first Sunday of each show, to our daily interaction on Facebook and Twitter, we hope the conversation continues long after you leave the theater. Keep talking!

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Art matters. Art connects us to each other and to ourselves, fosters empathy and understanding, illuminates our history, brings us joy. Creativity matters. Creativity fuels innovation, helps us see new possibilities, equips us to solve problems that don’t even exist yet in ways we can’t even begin to imagine today. So we’re pretty keen on the idea of arts education. Whether it’s through performances for youth and families, school workshops and residencies, professional development for teachers, advanced training for students, or our three different internship tracks, we’re excited to share our passion and expertise throughout the community.



Even professional artists need new ideas, new challenges, new experiences. That’s why we seek out partnerships throughout the community and why generosity is one of our core values. We invite visual artists to exhibit work in our space and bring in nationally recognized directors, designers and actors to collaborate with local talent. Has a Stages experience inspired YOU? Tell us your story!

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