Artist o’ the Week: Mitchell Greco

29 May

On any weekday, you can find Mitchell Greco, Stages’ Artistic Associate, in the admin suite assisting Producing Artistic Director Kenn McLaughlin (and keeping up with his schedule is no easy task, believe you me!), keeping track of marketing materials, and generally being awesome at tasks that come through the administrative side o’ things.

By night, he is working tirelessly in rehearsals, either as an actor around Houston or in a directing capacity. Mitchell assisted director Melissa Rain Anderson on Winter Wonderettes this season, and joined her again on Next To Normal, currently running through June 24 in the Yeager Theater. Mitchell is also directing this summer’s musical Life Could Be A Dream.

Here Eva Laporte chats with Mitchell about directing, Diet Coke and the sound of the sea (among other things!), plus we’ve got more great tidbits about Mitchell below.


Stages: Mitchell, where are you from?

Mitchell: Temple, TX (minus two years that I spent in Portland, OR)

S: Where did you go to school or train in theatre?

M: I went to Sam Houston State University, where I received a BFA in Musical Theatre

S: So, when did you know that theatre was “it” for you?

M: I went to NYC for the first time on a choir trip in 2001, and I made my mom and brother go see the Sam Mendes Cabaret at Studio 54. I was so embarrassed watching it with my mom that we left at intermission, but on a trip with my theatre group a few weeks later, I went back and saw it three times. I was floored every time…I couldn’t move at the end of it. That’s when I knew: I want to make that. I want to be a part of that.

S: On Winter Wonderettes and Next To Normal, you’re serving as the assistant director; what do you do as the AD?

M: The role of the AD can change with whatever director you’re working with, but with Lis [Melissa Rain Anderson], I was there to assist/support her in any way that she needed me to.


1. I have a vicious Diet Coke habit.

2. I think one of the most offensive noises is the opening of a Diet Coke. (Which makes my habit all the more painful).

3. I love watching TV.

4. On a related note, I also love Star Trek in a totally non-ironic way.

5. I also love to read.

6. I’m obsessed with my friends.

7. Did I already mention the Diet Coke thing?

8. I saw The Marvelous Wonderettes 5 times. I like to think of myself as an honorary Wonderette.

9. I giggle in uncomfortable situations.

10. I’m still sad that Pushing Daisies was cancelled.

11. I have a framed picture of someone else’s cat on my desk.

12. I had the Justin Beiber haircut before he was even born.

13. As much as I love TV, I don’t have cable.

14. I have a cat, named Franny.

15. I’m terribly shy and sometimes awkward.

Next To Normal runs at Stages through June 24. Tickets at 713.527.0123 or buy online here. Plus tickets are now on sale for Life Could Be a Dream too! Buy now to get your favorite seats!

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