I’m with Normal

3 May
Jito the dog

Jito will be walking too! Come join us!

This Saturday a team of Stages staff and friends will join thousands of other folks across the country for NAMI Walks, a community event to raise money and awareness about our country’s need for a world-class treatment and recovery system for people with mental illness. Led by Eva Laporte, the Stages crew will sport shirts emblazoned (or perhaps bedazzled, scrawled, painted…we can’t wait to see!) with the slogan “I’m with Normal” in honor of Stages’ upcoming production of Next to Normal. You can support the “Normal” team by walking with us, coming out to cheer us and the other walkers on, or making a donation!

The Stages team shirt template

Our shirts will look like this, y’all – but ARTY-ER.
#DIY #crafty

NAMI Metro Houston is our community partner for the 2012 Surround, a series of free programs that add depth and context to Next to Normal, and will be working with us to share information and real-life stories about living with – and recovering from – mental illness. Stay tuned for more information about the Surround!

One Response to “I’m with Normal”

  1. evalaporte May 8, 2012 at 5:32 pm #

    We loved meeting new folks out at the walk, sharing our info about NEXT TO NORMAL and our community partnership with NAMI Metro Houston. Thank you to all who walked and supported the event! #communitybuilding #feelsgood

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