You say Co-op, we say Alliance!

26 Apr

The Alliance AuditionsIt’s time again for a grand Houston theatre tradition…the Alliance Auditions! (formerly known as the Co-op Auditions). Stages coordinated the Auditions for many years before handing the reins over to the Houston Theatre Alliance in 2011. The HTA is administering the Auditions again this year and registration is now open! The Auditions are scheduled for  June 9-10 and Stages continues to provide space for the event, but please direct any questions, comments, requests, emails, thoughts, ideas, phone calls, registration forms, fees and funny cat photos to the Houston Theatre Alliance ( This is their gig now, y’all, and we tip our hat(s) to them. Happy Auditioning!

(If none of that made any sense to you, then you’re probably not an actor and/or you’re new in town. Here’s the short version: Once a year, a bunch* of Houston-area theatres get together for 2 incredibly intense days of joint general auditions. They’re open to any adult** actor until all the slots are filled, and you get 2 minutes to strut your stuff for a room full of director-types. That’s a lot of birds to kill with one stone!*** For theatres, it’s a great chance to get reacquainted with familiar faces as well as see who’s new to the scene.)

*a bunch = about 45

**adult = 18+. No exceptions.

***no actual stones, please

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